We quite often have very good pictures from ROPI in our paper.  Requests are settled promptly and unbureaucratically.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Klaus Eckert, photoeditorials

We are very  satisfied with ROPI; they work with Italian flair and German  reliability.
Frankfurter  Rundschau, Mr. Lauckner, photoeditorials

ROPI is the  agency you always dreamed of: professional, quick, many-sided...and by the way, they always give you something to laugh about!
Newsweek, Marialuisa Plassmann, Photo  Editor

Remarkable features of ROPI are their reliabiltity and quickness. Always friendly, they carry out promptly even complicated enquiries into foreign matter  as well as the acquisition of photo material.
Rheinischer Merkur,  Sabine Stehlik, photoeditorials

Service and  the best quality in a digital world.
Der Spiegel, Josef Csallos, picture editor

Good quality coverage and reliable to work with.
Stern, Harald Menk, photoeditorials

ROPI offers unconventional photos from countries that are interesting for a  daily newspaper.
Stuttgarter Zeitung, Mrs. Benker, photoeditorials

We wouldn't  want to miss ROPI's international photos from conflict areas like Kosovo, Sudan  or Afghanistan.  Sometimes their photo deliveries are really like surprise packets.We appreciate their eye for significance.
taz- Die Tageszeitung, Petra Schrott, photoeditorials

ROPI is fast,  efficent and dependable.  Not everyday photos.
Die Weltwoche, Jacqueline Aubry,  photoeditorials

ROPI offers  excellent photojournalism, competent service and  reliability.
Die  Zeit, Ellen Dietrich, photoeditorials

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